My name is Lien.

I live in the centre of Belgium. This is far from any water and waves, yet I ended up falling in love with surfing.

My story with surfing began 10 years ago during a surfcamp in Spain. The stoke I felt from catching a wave on my first day led to endless hours in the water that week, I was addicted.

From that first wave on, I spent every summer since working as a surf coach at that very same camp.

My surfing didn’t stop there, after the summers in Spain ended, I headed south to Morocco to find more waves.
Now that I am working as a full time independent I have considerably less time to spend chasing waves.
After earning my degree in kinesiology, I started working as a physical coach while continuing my studies in sports and manual therapy.
I currently work as a physical therapist at a high performance sport clinic in Leuven.

Besides my work in the clinic I am lucky to have travelled the world working as a sports physio with athletes such as; Thomas Pieters (world class golf player), the Belgian National Snowboard Team (including riders such as Seppe Smits and Loranne Smans), and currenlty I am the head physio of the Belgian Women’s Hockey Team.

But it was when I was working with surfer Dean Vandewalle (junior WSL) in Hawaï that I saw my two passions collide.

Not much later the idea of LINE UP surf fitness starting the grow and here we are.

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